Ars Metrica

Trobar e rimar nella lirica profana galego-portoghese

The pur­pose of this art­icle is that of dis­cuss­ing the met­ric cat­egory of equi­voc­al rhyme as ap­plied to the lyr­ic­al cor­pus of Galician-Por­tuguese troubadours. We will first ap­proach the per­spect­ive of Oc­cit­an treat­ises of ars po­et­ica in or­der to out­line this phe­nomen­on in re­la­tion to troubadour po­etry. Secondly, after identi­fy­ing those texts in which that spe­cif­ic met­ric device is used, we will carry out a ty­po­lo­gic­al ana­lys­is, spe­cially fo­cus­ing on its emer­gence with­in the three prin­cip­al genres of the pen­in­su­lar lyr­ic; be­sides, a dia­chron­ic ana­lys­is will be con­duc­ted, in which we will try to sketch out the pos­sible evol­u­tion of this phe­nomen­on, also tak­ing in­to ac­count its re­la­tion to the great mod­el of Provençal po­etry. Read more