Ars Metrica

Función dos signos gráficos nos testemuños musicados contemporáneos á época de produción trobadorescaprofana en galego-portugués (I)

o Pergamiño Sharrer e o Pergamiño Vindel

Et nous devons écouter le texte se déroul­er

J. Rych­ner

In this text we ana­lyse how par­tic­u­lar punc­tu­ation marks work both in the Per­gam­iño Shar­rer (D) and in the Per­gam­iño Vindel (N), two Iberi­an ex­tant cop­ies from the end of the XIIIth cen­tury –be­gin­ning of the XIVth cen­tury which con­tain frag­ments of sev­en can­ti­gas d’amor by King Dinis of Por­tugal, and six can­ti­gas de amigo by Mar­tin Codax. We also in­tend to give an ac­count of the re­la­tion­ship between text and mu­sic in the Me­di­ev­al Galician-Por­tuguese Lyr­ic. Read more