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Frammento o “finda” fuorviata?

A proposito di un distico vagante (B 1059, V 649) del trovatore galego-portoghese Martin Perez Alvin

In the Can­cioneiro da Bib­li­oteca Nacion­al, B, and in the Can­zoniere Vat­icano, V, the two lines which fol­low the last can­tiga de amor by Mar­tin Perez Alv­in have been con­sidered by An­gelo Colocci and by the 19th and 20th cen­tur­ies ed­it­ors a frag­ment of a new lyr­ic, tran­scribed only in part, by the the troubadour him­self. On the con­trary we pro­pose to in­ter­pret them as the two con­clus­ive lines (the so called finda) of the pre­vi­ous lyr­ic, and we give ele­ments to jus­ti­fy the hy­po­thes­is. Read more