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Colometry and Internal Rhyme in Vidal, Judeu d’Elvas

This pa­per presents a new ana­lys­is of the com­plex stroph­ic forms used by Vid­al, Judeu d’Elvas, in his two frag­ment­ary can­ti­gas d’amor. In­stead of the strophes with short verses and unique rhyme schemes seen by Ste­gagno Pic­chio (1962), this ana­lys­is de­tects known forms, aaaBB and aaabBB, with long verses and in­tern­al rhymes. These forms are closely akin to those of the An­dalusi Ar­ab­ic za­jal, thus provid­ing fur­ther proof of the exot­ic char­ac­ter of Vidal’s po­et­ics, already high­lighted by Ste­gagno Pic­chio. Read more