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A Formal Approach to Cantiga Sequences

This pa­per ar­gues that a new, form­al ap­proach is needed to identi­fy and ana­lyze pos­sible se­quences of can­ti­gas d’amigo and sug­gests that the be­gin­ning and end (and some­times the middle) of a se­quence will be form­ally marked. This as­sumes that se­quences grew out of per­form­ance sets, and that songs with spe­cial form­al fea­tures would have been placed in key po­s­i­tions. If there was a break in the per­form­ance of a set, the song just be­fore or after the break (or both) might also be marked. Ex­amples drawn from vari­ous sets are ad­duced to sup­port this thes­is. Read more