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Defining a genre in the Répertoire de la poésie hongroise ancienne

The rep­er­toire of the Hun­gari­an poems writ­ten up to 1600 is not a pros­ody rep­er­toire but one of po­etry. The RPHA has fol­lowed the his­tor­ic­al-po­et­ic­al meth­od. Re­search of poems large num­bers, the in­duct­ive re­search is the first step in the his­tor­ic­al-po­et­ic­al in­vest­ig­a­tion. This his­tor­ic­al-po­et­ic­al meth­od was first worked out by Rus­si­an Al­ex­an­der Nikolayevich Veselovski in his work titled Is­toricheskaya po­et­ica. What I would like to say a couple of words about is a pos­sible way of de­vel­op­ing fur­ther this rep­er­toire. It also seems worth re­fin­ing fur­ther the fields of RPHA. And the second step of his­tor­ic­al-po­et­ic­al meth­od could be the com­par­at­ive re­search of the res­ults. Read more