Ars Metrica

Ars Metrica 200705

Ars Met­rica is a stock mar­ket for all those in­ter­ested in met­rics and po­etry. It was foun­ded at the Second Meet­ing on Com­par­at­ive Met­rics in Bud­apest.

You can pub­lish art­icles and pre­lim­in­ary ver­sions on our vir­tu­al journ­al Ars Met­rica if you want to have them dis­cussed by col­leagues vis­it­ing this web site. We hope that au­thors will profit from the com­ments of the col­leagues who vis­it Ars Met­rica.

Ars Met­rica is a web site de­signed for both au­thors and ed­it­ors. Pub­lish­ing houses who want to make use of the for­um can pub­lish their art­icles here either as a full ver­sion or as a “di­gest” ver­sion (title, lay­out and logo can be re­tained).

Prin­ted journ­als can pub­lish art­icles which have been formerly re­leased on Ars Met­rica. Ed­it­ors who would like to pub­lish art­icles from our stock mar­ket are in­vited to ne­go­ti­ate with the au­thors them­selves. A pro­gram will help to auto­mat­ize the ne­go­ti­ations.

Au­thors’ rights are defined by the au­thors them­selves with the help of the pro­gram of “Cre­at­ive Com­mons

You are in­vited to pub­lish treat­ies in Ars Met­rica which are too long to be pub­lished in prin­ted journ­als or which suit bet­ter a vir­tu­al pub­lic­a­tion (data bases, rep­er­tor­ies, etc.). Data should, how­ever, not be bound to a spe­cial op­er­at­ing sys­tem or com­puter.

An ad­vant­age of our for­um is that art­icles can be ac­cep­ted and offered in many lan­guages. Al­though we ask you to em­ploy the most com­monly used lan­guages in your ab­stracts and dis­cus­sions, we are look­ing for­ward to re­ceive in­ter­est­ing art­icles in less known lan­guages. Na­tion­al rub­rics (e.g. Hun­gari­an, Galician) will fa­cil­it­ate the ac­cess to sources of sup­ple­ment­ary in­form­a­tion on na­tion­al po­et­ic tra­di­tions. In ad­di­tion, Ars Met­rica of­fers a dis­cus­sion for­um for ques­tions on met­rics as well as a vari­ety of in­form­a­tion on met­rics, e.g. bib­li­o­graph­ies, con­fer­ences, etc.

Please send your pub­lic­a­tions to Levente Seláf (ELTE, Bud­apest – Jo­hann Wolfgang Goethe Uni­versität, Frank­furt) (, Pat­riz­ia Noel (Lud­wig-Max­imili­ans-Uni­versität, Mu­nich) (, or Án­gel Lu­jan Atienza (

The web site is free of charge.