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Uso y función del verso alejandrino en las Cantigas de Santa María

In this pa­per we study the use and func­tion of the Al­ex­an­drine, one of the most im­port­ant verses in me­di­ev­al Castili­an po­etry and in Alf­onso X’s Can­ti­gas de Santa María. Even though the King’s re­li­gious col­lec­tion has been deeply ana­lyzed in many ways, there are no stud­ies about the use and func­tions of the Al­ex­an­drine verse in the nar­rat­ive can­ti­gas. We will show how this line serves as a pat­tern to mod­el nar­rat­ive con­tent, not only in poems with a well-known source, but also in oth­er texts in which the source is un­known or tied to pop­u­lar or or­al tra­di­tion. Read more