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Questioni metriche galego-portoghesi.

Sulla cosiddetta Lex Mussafia

Galician-Por­tuguese po­ets make wide use of a syl­lab­ic verse design in which mas­cu­line and fem­in­ine verses of the same gross length are equated from strophe to strophe, not only jux­ta­posed in the body of a single strophe. This cor­res­pond­ence, first no­ticed by Ad­olfo Mus­safia and tra­di­tion­ally named lex Mus­safia, is an ap­par­ent vi­ol­a­tion of the most ba­sic prin­ciple of Provençal com­pos­i­tion: a giv­en verse should cor­res­pond to verses in the same po­s­i­tion in all oth­er strophes. The es­say aims to show that the com­mon in­ter­pret­a­tion of the lex is in­ex­actly con­ceived, be­cause it’s gen­er­ally re­ferred to all poems in which lines of the same num­ber of syl­lables are com­bined. The con­clu­sions of­fer an ana­lys­is of the fre­quency and dis­tri­bu­tion of this kind of re­spon­sion in the sec­u­lar Galician-Por­tuguese lyr­ic. Read more